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This part of the website is intended to offer you a series of topics which you can consult by clicking on a theme in a list. If you don’t find something via the current section, try the theme map and vice versa. If you click on an option below you can return to the theme list by clicking on the button theme list at the top of the window you have moved to; the button to the right of that, theme map, will take you a module with topics from Irish English arranged in two dimensions like a map.

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Overview information on website

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Overview of Irish English
Historical divisions
Dialect divisions
Present-day Irish

Detailed list of themes

Studies of Irish English

Research trends

Levels of language

Relationship to other varieties

Urban sociolinguistics

English in Ulster

Areal linguistics

Sources of data: phonological surveys

Sources of data: grammatical surveys

Sources of data: historical surveys

The Irish language

Transportation of Irish English overseas

Early contact between Celtic and English

History of Irish English
History of Irish
History of Ireland

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Glossary for Irish English
Glossary for Irish

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Early maps of Ireland
Dialect areas in Ireland

References for Irish English
References for Irish
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Source Book for Irish English
Source Book – update

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Variation and Change in Dublin English
Discover Irish
Fuaimeanna na Gaeilge
Studying the History of English
Studying Varieties of English
English Linguistics in Essen
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