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Resources for language and culture in Ulster

History of Ulster
English in Ulster
Belfast English
Derry English
Links with Scotland


English in Northern Ireland

Ulster-Scots: general information
Ulster-Scots: linguistic studies
Ulster-Scots: language

Placenames and surnames

Ulster Irish: linguistic studies
Ulster Irish: language

Journals and newspapers

   History of Ulster

   Links with Scotland

See also the section on Irish and Scottish Gaelic below.

   English in Northern Ireland

An overview of cultural, demographic and geographic aspects of forms of English in Northern Ireland with an extensive description of their structures.

   Ulster-Scots: general information

Ulster-Scots Community Network

Ulster-Scots Academy

   Ulster-Scots: linguistic studies

The Academic Study of Ulster-Scots: Essays for and by Robert J Gregg. (2006, edited by Anne Smyth, Michael Montgomery and Philip Robinson, published by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The above image is a screenshot of the electronic version of this resource to be found at

A grammatical study of Ulster-Scots

A single-volume dictionary of English vocabulary from Ulster

Extract from the Concise Ulster Dictionary

A popular book on traditional vocabulary in Ulster-Scots. There is a fully searchable version (fourth edition) of this dictionary maintained at the Ulster-Scots Academy website. A kindle edition is also available.

A collection of articles on language and culture along with items of fictional prose and poetry

A collection of poetry written in Ulster-Scots

   Placenames and surnames

Website of the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project at Queen’s University, Belfast which has already published several volumes.

A short dictionary of Ulster placenames

A dictionary of Ulster surnames

   The transportation of English from Ulster

The story of Ulster emigration to America and its influence on American English

Connections with the New World

A study of transported English at overseas locations throughout the world


Two studies of external connections with Ulster (with Scotland and with New Zealand respectively)

   Ulster Irish

Dialects of Ulster Irish

Connections between Ulster Irish and Scottish Gaelic

A study of the relationship of Protestants to the Irish language over the past few centuries

A collection of poetry in Irish and Scottish Gaelic

   Websites of general relevance to language and culture in Ulster

  Ulster-Scots Agency, Belfast

  Ulster-Scots Language Society, Belfast

  Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, Ulster University

  Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Note: The old URL now redirects to (‘National Museums Northern Ireland’)

  Ulster-Scots Society of America

  Ulster American Folk Park

  Ulster-Scots Online


The magazine for Ulster-Scots (includes some language items)

Journal of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra near Belfast.

The Ulster Scot newspaper


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