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    Some useful sites concerning Ireland

Note. On and off, I check on whether these links are still active and lead to the expected websites. Sorry, if some are dead-ends.

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland
Great Britain
United States
Other countries

Republic of Ireland

National Information Server (Heanet)

Irish Government

The Irish Times

Department of Foreign Affairs

National Archives

Dublin City Libraries

Dublin City Corporation

Ordinance Survey

Irish Centre for Migration Studies

Royal Irish Academy

Trinity College Dublin

National University of Ireland (various campi at Dublin [next entry], Maynooth, Co. Kildare; Cork; Galway)

University College Dublin

Dublin City University

University of Limerick

Northern Ireland (UK)

Public Records Office Northern Ireland

Ulster Historical Foundation

Queen’s University Belfast

Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast

University of Ulster (various campi)

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum


Irish Diaspora Studies, University of Bradford

Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

Political Science Resources, University of Keele

United States

Irish Studies, Boston College

Irish Studies, Notre Dame University

Centre for Irish Studies, The Catholic University of America

Celtic Studies Association of North America

Other countries

General portal for centres for Irish Studies (Australia)

Canadian Association for Irish Studies (Canada)

Irish Studies at St Mary's College, Canada (Canada)

The Centre for Irish Studies in Aarhus (Denmark)

Princess Grace Irish Library of Monaco (Monaco)

Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies (Sweden)