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    History of Irish English

early 14c Kildare Poems were probably composed somewhere in the east coast of Ireland, between Dublin and Waterford.

1366 Statutes of Kilkenny A set of laws which, among many other things, proscribed the use of Irish by the Anglo-Normans in Ireland and insisted that they use English. In order to be understood, the statutes were written in French. In the event they were quite ineffectual.

1577 Richard Stanyhurst's Treatise containing a Plaine and Perfect Description of Ireland appeared in Holinshed's Chronicles (1577). It contains the first references to the dialect of Forth and Bargy.

1589 Captain Thomas Stukeley, the earliest dramatic piece satirising the use of English by the Irish, appears anonymously.

1735 Jonathan Swift Dialogue in Hybernian stile between A & B, a parody of the speech of a rural planter and an urban dweller.

1781 Thomas Sheridan A rhetorical grammar of the English language A prescriptive work which contains an appendix suggesting corrections to Irish 'mispronunciations of English'.

1788 Charles Vallancey published a glossary of some 28 pages containing words in the dialect of Forth and Bargy, Co Wexford.

1801 Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth, considered the first regional novel in English is published. Many Irish features are to be found in the speech of the main character Thady Quirk, an old retainer who recounts the story of the Rackrents.

1802 Richard and Maria Edgeworth Essay on Irish Bulls

1807 Jacob Poole published a glossary of words from Forth and Bargy; considerably more comprehensive than that of Vallancey.

1845 John Donovan Grammar of Irish, the first modern description of the language appears.

1860 David Patterson The provincialisms of Belfast and the surrounding districts pointed out and corrected... appears. This is an important source of features of Belfast in the nineteenth century.

1867 William Barnes published an edition of Poole glossary of Forth and Bargy with some introductory notes.

1910 Patrick W. Joyce English as we speak it in Ireland. This is the first full length monograph on Irish English. The introductory sections on pronunciation and grammar still have a certain value. The part dealing with vocabulary is of less interest today.

1913 Holger Pedersen Vergleichende Grammatik der keltischen Sprachen

1927 James Jeremiah Hogan The English language in Ireland a philological work on the development of Irish English since the Middle Ages appears.

1932 Thomas F. O'Rahilly Irish dialects past and present is published which contains references to English in the south-east of the country.

1946 English translation of Rudolf Thurneysen A grammar of Old Irish published in Dublin.

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Note. Full bibliographical information on the above items can be found in A Source Book for Irish English (Hickey 2002) along with the online update service.