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    Journals and series of interest

The following list consists of journals which are likely to contain articles of relevance to Irish. Some of the journals concentrate in the main on issues surrounding the Irish language, e.g. Ériu and Éigse, while others have a broader brief and encompass all the Celtic languages, e.g. Studia Celtica and Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie.

Ainm, Ir. ‘Name’, Bulletin of the Ulster Place-Name Society. Belfast, 1986-

website: Ainm

Analecta Hibernica, Includes The Reports of the Irish Manuscript Commission. Dublin, Stationary Office, 1930-

Archivum Hibernicum, Irish Historical Records. St.Patrick’s College, Maynooth, 1912-

Béaloideas, Ir. ‘Folklore’, The Journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society. Dublin, 1928-

website: Béaloideas

Belfast Working Papers in Language and Linguistics James Milroy (ed.) later John Wilson, Belfast, 1976ff.

Bliainiris, National University of Ireland, Maynooth 2000ff.

Breifne, Journal of the Breifne Historical Society, Cavan, 1959-. The name is taken from the name of an historical region in the north-west of Ireland (very roughly that of present-day Leitrim and Sligo)

La Bretagne Linguistique Université de Bretagne Occidentale

website: La Bretagne Linguistique

Bulletin of the Ulster Place-Name Society, Belfast, 1952-

Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies, Department of Welsh, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Winter, 1993- (this was formerly Cambridge Medieval Celtic Studies, Cambridge, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, 1981-)

Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, The, Canada. Published by the Department of English, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, (twice yearly) 1975ff.

website: The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies

Cardiff Working Papers in Welsh Linguistics, Cardiff, 1981-

Celtica, Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, Dublin, 1946-

website: Celtica

Celticum, Rennes, 1960-

Celtic Cultures Newsletter, Dublin (later Galway), 1983-

Celtic Magazine, The, A monthly periodical. Inverness, 1887-.

Celtic Review, The, Edinburgh-London-Dublin, 1904-

Collectanea Hibernica, Dublin, 1958-

Cornish Studies, Journal of the Institute of Cornish Studies. University of Exeter, 1973-

Corran, The, Larne and District Folklore Society.

Dialectologie et Géolinguistique Université de Bretagne Occidentale: Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique

Eighteenth Century Life, Triannual publication by The College of William and Mary, The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Eighteenth-Century Studies, Printed by the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Illinois, USA.

Eighteenth-Century Ireland, Iris and dá chultúr, Dublin, 1986-. Published by the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society, Dublin. Annual publication.

Éigse, Ir. ‘Knowledge’, A Journal of Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Dublin, 1939-

website: Éigse

Éire - Ireland, A journal of Irish studies published quarterly by The Irish American Cultural Institute, University of St. Paul, Minnesota. 1966-

website: Éire - Ireland

e-Keltoi. Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Center for Celtic Studies, 2002-

website: e-Keltoi

Ériu, Ir. ‘Ireland’, Originally The Journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish Philology and Literature. Dublin, 1904-

website: Ériu

Études Celtiques, Paris, 1936-

Gaidheal, An, Sc. Gaelic ‘The Gael’, Glasgow, 1873-

Harvard Celtic Colloquium, Proceedings of the, Cambridge, Mass., 1981-

website: Harvard Celtic Colloquium

Hermathena, A series of papers on literature, science, and philosophy; later entitled A Trinity College Dublin Review. Dublin, 1873-

website: Hermathena

Irish Texts Society London, 1898-

website: Irish Texts Society

Irish University Review, A Journal of Irish Studies (twice yearly) 1970ff. Published by the English Department of University College, Belfield, Dublin.

website: Irish University Review

Journal of Celtic Linguistics, Cardiff, 1992-

website: Journal of Celtic Linguistics

Journal of Celtic Studies, Temple University, Baltimore, 1949-

Journal of the Cork Historical and Archæological Society, Cork, 1892-

Journal of Irish Literature, The Triannual publication by The Proscenium Press, Dixon, California. Address: Newark, Delaware, quarterly publication.

Keltische Forschungen, Praesens Verlag, Vienna, 2006-

website: Keltische Forschungen

Lochlann, Oslo (defunct). The title is taken from the Irish word for Norwegian, ‘person from the land of lakes’.

Maynooth Review, The, Published by St.Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

Maynooth Studies In Celtic Linguistics, Published by St.Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

Nomina, Hull, 1977-

Norsk Tidskrift for Sprogvidenskap, Oslo, 1940-1977.

Nordic Journal of Linguistics, Oslo, 1978.

Northern Ireland Speech and Language Forum Journal, Belfast

Ogam, Bulletin bimestriel des ‘Amis de la Tradition Celtique’. Rennes, 1948-

Peritia, Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland. Galway, 1982-

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 1786. Index of 1912. covers the period 1786-1906; the proceedings still continue.

website: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy

Revue Celtique, Paris-London, 1870-

Scottish Gaelic Studies, Oxford, 1926-. Originally issued from the Celtic Department of the University of Aberdeen.

Scottish Studies, Edinburgh, 1957-. Published for the School of Scottish Studies.

Scottish Language, An annual review, Edinburgh, 1982, Published by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies Ed. J. Derrick McClure, Department of English, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.

Scottish Literary Journal, Published by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, Department of English, University of Aberdeen.

Studi Celtici, Rivista internazionale di storia, linguistica e antropologia culturale Modena, Italy, 2002-

website: Studi Celtici

Studia Celtica. Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, Oxford University Press for University of Wales, later University of Cardiff, 1921-

website: Studia Celtica

Studia Hibernica, Dublin, 1961-. Published for St.Patrick’s Training College, Dublin.

website: Studia Hibernica

Studia Celtica Japonica, New Series, Toyohashi, 1988-

Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review of Letters, Philosophy and Science, Dublin, 1912-. Published by the Irish Jesuits.

Teagasc na Gaeilge, Ir. ‘The teaching of Irish’, Iris Chomhar na Múinteoirí Gaeilge, Dublin, 1980-

Teanga, Ir. ‘Language’, Dublin, Linguistics Institute of Ireland, 1979-

Teangeolas, Ir. ‘Linguistics’, Dublin, Linguistics Institute of Ireland, 1974-

Ullans, Journal of the Ulster Scots Society.

Ulster Dialect Archive Bulletin

Ulster Folklife, Published by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Cultra Holywood, Co.Down, 1955-

website: Ulster Folklife

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Yearbook, Published by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Cultra Holywood, Co.Down

Ulster Journal of Archaeology, The, Belfast, 1853-

Ulster Local Studies, Journal of the Federation for Ulster Local Studies, Charlestown, Co. Donegal, 1975-

Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, Halle / Tübingen, 1897-